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Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ziya BALTA

He was born in 1972 in Trabzon / Turkey. After he finished his primary-secondary and high school in Trabzon. He started his education at the Military Medical Faculty of Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GMMA) in 1989 and graduated in 1996.

1996-1997 Intern-Medicine Lieutenant , GMMA, Ankara

1997-1998 23. Gendarmerie Border Division, Infirmary Chief Surgeon, Şırnak

1998-1999 Şırnak Military Hospital Deputy Chief Doctor, Şırnak

2000-2001 Gendarmerie the Third Private Training Battalion Doctor, Emirdağ, Afyon

2001-2002 Gendarmerie the Third Private Training Brigade Chef Doctor, Bilecik

2002-2006 Surgical Resident in GMMA Haydarpaşa Teaching Hospital, İstanbul

2006-2009 General Surgery Specialist, Şırnak Military Hospital, Şırnak

2009-20015 General Surgery Specialist, GMMA Haydarpaşa Teaching Hospital, İstanbul

2016-2019 Assoc. Prof. Dr., SBU Hamidiye Medicine Faculty General Surgery PB(Principle Branch) , Sultan Abdülhamid Han SAUM General Surgery Service, İstanbul

2019-Present : Inci Plaza, Ataşehir / İstanbul


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