Congress and Meetings Joined as a Speaker

  • Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Course, Rectum Surgery Results, GMMA, Haydarpaşa Teaching Hospital “Laparoscopic Rectum Surgery Result”,March 8-9 2013, Istanbul.
  • Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery Congress, “Radiological Viewing for the Surgeons and Anorectal Pelvic Floor USG Course, May 10-23 2015, Antalya.
  • Selim Anorectal Diseases Course, “Interactive Phenomenon Presentations”, March 4, 2017, Mersin
  • Nutrition School of Colorectal Surgery Patients, “Do immunonutrition, EPA and GLA have a place in cases with colorectal cancer?”, May 12, 2018, Antalya
  • Proficiency School of Turkish Surgery Association, “Diverticulosis Disorder of Colon”, September 7, 2017, Istanbul
  • Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery Congress, “When is Stoma in the Perineum Trauma?”, May 16-20, 2017, Antalya
  • Surgery Research Congress, “ Verbal Notice Session Chairmanship.”, November 10-12, 2017, Kocaeli
  • Selim Anorectal Diseases Course, “Perianal Abscess! How do we drain?”, January 24, 2018, Istanbul
  • International Surgery Congress, “ Benign Anorectal Diseases Video Panel 2, Rectocele Reperation Perineal/Abdominal”, April 11-15, 2018, Antalya
  • Selim Anorectal Diseases Course, “Anal Ache, Unknown Why”, October 13, 2018, Istanbul
  • Selim Anorectal Diseases Course, “Perianal abscess anatomy and radiological anatomy”, November 24, 2018, Zonguldak
  • Scannig and After Scanning Diagnosis Teaching in Colorectal Cancers, “Relapse Colon Cancer” 30 November – 1 December, Antalya
  • Fundamental Laporoscopic Colorectal Surgery Course, “Safe Anastomosis Techniques: Intra and extracorporeal Techniques and ICG Practice”, December 14, 2018, Istanbul
  • Advertisement and Social Media, 6th International 5th Mediterranean Morbid Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Congress, October 17-20, 2019, Antalya
  • RNY Gastric By-Pass Standart Technique 3th Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Congress, December 21-24, 2019, Antalya